About Paxxite


  • Loss of the natural environment
  • Species extinction
  • Human overpopulation
  • Global climate change
  • Animal exploitation
  • Nuclear proliferation

Paxxite is a place to share thoughts and solutions about preserving the natural world. Human growth and greed have dramatically destroyed or reduced the size and diversity of our nature on Earth. I hope we can save what is left.

I believe that the Golden Rule applies as much to how we treat our planet as to how we treat each other. We must treat nature well if we want to be treated well by nature.

Of course we will have nowhere to live if we destroy our planet, but we will have little reason to live if we save ourselves but destroy the natural environment.

Overpopulation is probably the chief culprit, but human greed also leads to the selfish exploitation of nature. We are poorer for every animal species we allow to become extinct.

I believe we are stewards of the Earth. We do not own the planet. We are its caretakers. Animals and plants deserve to exist in their own right, not not simply if they can benefit us.

I look forward to discussing these and related topics here.

Paul Backalenick

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